Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rashes and Teething and Stomach Bugs OH MY

The past week has been a whirl wind of illness.  Lack of sleep.  Tons of poopy diapers. Drool galore. And puke, everywhere! And I wanted to write this before but my emotions of people who are sick and go out in public was holding me back. I MEAN COME ON PEOPLE...stay home. My kids catch everything and I do mean everything. They are miserable, I am miserable, the hubs is miserable. Money flies out of our accounts faster than Speedy Gonzales with the Dr visits and prescriptions.  I have no idea why people think they should leave the house with a fever, stomach bug, strep throat, infections of all know what I am saying, right?!

Anyway...done with the rant of sick people....

It started off with Dominic getting poison oak (we think, they cannot tell us if its oak, ivy or sumac). Then he came home with a contagious rash...which in turn I got :(  Urgent Care trip.  YAY, NOT! 3 prescriptions later...
I had to stop working early on Monday because of it. Could not stand the itch. The end.

Wednesday rolls around and I take Dom to his weekly Dr apt.  We stop by the mall to pick up some back to school stuff (yes, people I am way ahead of the game here. I know, I am always buying ahead. I am a freak of nature there!).  I got some awesome deals at Gymboree for Charlotte and some at JcPenny for Dominic.  I let the boys run around the play place and grab a pretzel before we left.  It was way past Logan's nap time.  We get to the car and start driving...5 minutes later...BLAH! Logan gets sick all over himself, his blanket, the car seat, all the new clothes we just bought and my rugs in the car. WHOA. CRAP. He falls asleep and I pull into the nearest gas station. Clean him up and the car as best as I can. I am still 30 minutes from home. He sleeps the whole way home. I get him out of the car and start walking up our steps to the front door. Blah, again 3 more times. All over me, the baby carrier and EWW. I get us both in the shower and clean. Whew.
That night, Charlotte started. Gary had to call off for the next 2 days. From a job that he just started 2.5 weeks before hand. The babies had to stay home from daycare that whole week. All around cluster of crap! Literally too...

Then we noticed the white spot in Charlotte's mouth was getting darker and bigger. ZOMG it is a tooth.  The bottom left side is starting to come up.  I am sure it will be WEEKS before that bad boy decides to break ground. But its there. We all can see it. She is a little cranky at times from it. I am so not ready to have a teething baby since I still have a toddler who is teething.

So if you need me...I will be in the corner hiding from it all ;)

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