Monday, July 25, 2011

A quarter of a year

Dear Charlie

You are 3 months old already. These months are flying by!  You are such a beautiful little girl.

Look at those baby blues and those leg rolls! Wowza ;) You still have reflux and are on cereal bottles and zantac. We tried oatmeal cereal last night but we think that you are just not ready yet.  Not sure if it is because your belly hurts at night or if you just did not like the taste, but we will hold off and try again in a few weeks!
We have also started to use the exersaucer and you love it!  You look at the toys, grab them and have even spun yourself around a bit.  Your little piggies just reach so that you can stand up! I know you are much taller than your brothers at this age because we had to use a pillow to prop their feet up. 
You continue to try to suck on your fingers but cannot figure out how to get them in your mouth.  So your entire fist is what keeps you happy.  We give you a B but you only accept it every now and then.  You are very unlike your brothers in that manner, they love them and you not so much!  You do love your tag blanket that Amanda made for you.  You play with it, eat it and cover/rub your face with it.  It is so completely adorable. You are cooing and laughing and smiling and melting our hearts each time!
We have been calling you everything from Charlotte, Charlie to Char-Char and Charmander.  We love you so much sweet angel baby.

Hugs and Kisses


  1. Thanks for the comment - that is super scary! Following you back!! :o)

    Your pics are adorable and I love your blog!

    For Love of Cupcakes