Saturday, July 23, 2011

VIP for a hot second

On Friday night, Gary and I attend the CD release party.  It was our date night, which are very few and far between now a days! The band, These Lions, are managed by a close family friend of ours.  Dom is an awesome young man and we hope the best for him in his career!  We do not know any other 20 something man that works 3 jobs while going for his MBA. He deserves mad props and will be kickin some serious ass by the time he is 30!  And we will be there cheering him on the whole way....

When we got to Diesel on the South Side, we were greeted with a copy of their CD.  We went in and I grabbed a Captian and diet coke (it is my drink and I love it, when I actually do drink) and the hubs had a Coke (DD, we are responsible parents don't ya know). Shortly after we arrived, my brother came and joined us.  Dom is my brothers close friend who has grown to be like a brother to us!  He calls my kids his 'nephews and niece.' We watched the opening band and then see James Harrison walk through the door and go upstairs to the VIP lounge. Not that we actually spoke to him, but it was cool that he was there! During the second band we were called to the front door by my brother, Sam.  We found out that we had a VIP booth upstairs awaiting us too, with a paid bottle of vodka and a front view of the bands. OMG, how AWESOME is that! Dom is the best, seriously!  He made us feel super special and it was a once in a lifetime opportunity.
We went up to the lounge and I had a couple drinks.  For a woman that has not drank more than a wine cooler in a year, WHOA baby!  3 drinks in 2 hours and I was a tiny bit tipsy, ahem, but in a good way.  It was cool to be up booth from the band and 2 from a Steeler...but that is not why we went.  We went to support our friend, our brother and his band. Dom-we love you and are so very proud of everything you have accomplished in your short life!  The band is great and they play at the Streets of Cranberry during the summer concert tour.  If you have never heard them, please go and check them out! I wish I had more pictures to share but I did not bring my camera, boo!

Great time, good family/friend and celebrating success...and feeling like a VIP for a brief moment in time :) Life is good!  And do not forget, if you have not heard These their song on ITunes. Support a local band and a family friend!

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