Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Blogging...what is that?

I have tried my hardest to be able to do everything. Work full time. Take care of my kids. Laundry, oh the laundry this family creates. Bathroom reno...psh, thought it would be done nope! Take pictures. See family and friends. Blog...wait, I have not really done that lately. BUT I really do think about it every single day. And I read all your blogs. Even if I am not posting...I am ready!

Things are crazy here. I am tired.

So here are some pics of the things that have been going on....
 The bathroom floor finally was installed! And we got new windows too but no picture of that.
 Charlie is wiggling her way around. So cute but please stop growing so quickly.
 Dominic had his first day of 4th grade.
 Charlie started to eat fruits and veggies and have not disliked any :)
 Charlie is learned how to grab her toys and get them in her mouth.
Logan learned that he should do everything by himself and gets very angry when we do not let him.

There is so much more and hope to be able to update again sooner rather than later ;)


  1. Cute pictures! I swear, life gets crazier every day. Just when I think it's going to calm down, it gets worse!

  2. Cute pictures! I love your header!! :o)


  3. Glad you had some time to blog!! Your kiddos are adorable!! Our littlest are very close in age and development. I know how you feel about trying to do it all and just being able to get by, that's my world!!