Saturday, May 26, 2012

We got slammed...

With the never ending super flu bug.


It started on Wednesday. Charlie was super cranky all day and I assumed it was teeth. My mother in law gave her a big bowl of ice cream and after being outside about 10 minutes, she threw it up. I assumed it was a fluke. She had never had that much ice cream before. She wanted a drink and a snack after bathing off the yuckies. We were having guests over for dinner and I thought nothing of it. That is, until she threw it up too! CRAP!

We warned our friends that she had just gotten sick and probably caught a bug from daycare. They decided to come in for dinner but not stay too long so that we could care for our sick little one. It was a rough night for her.

However, she was thirsty when she woke up on Thursday. Great sign! She drank pedialite and had some cheerios. Then got sick again. So we kept her hydrated with pedialite and she was not sick again, just very tired. She slept through the night but I again did not. Dominic had come down with the bug. 2 kids down for the count. Dominic was very upset as he was suppose to go to camp with my Mom. He was so very bummed.

Friday came and Charlie acted normal again but still sleepy. Dominic slept for 24 hours straight (other than when he was sick). He drank some water and appeared to be getting better. She ate a bit but not as much as usual. Gary took Logan to his Moms with him to fix her lawn mower. The poor kid got sick 4 times in the 45 minutes they were gone. He was down for the count too. All 3 kids sick. Holy mother of laundry, diapers and cleaning up all the things. Very rough night on all of us, especially when Gary came down with it to.

That left me to tend to all 4 of them and their needs. Fortunately by mid day on Saturday, Dominic was back to normal and the kids were starting to hold down cheerios and water. Gary had to take some medicine to prevent him from getting sick because he was clearly dehydrated. Dominic and I ran to the store to buy Gatorade. I am so tired. Drained from the mental aspect of dealing with all the sick. Drained physically from no sleep for 3 days. I was so happy by this evening when all 3 kids were in bed.  I am currently cuddled up in bed, alone. I WILL sleep tonight or I may have permanent black rings around my eyes.

How does everyone else deal with an entire family who is sick? Do you find yourself crying and losing your mind a bit like me?


  1. Oh no, I hope everyone feels better! I had this happen and it is the worst! Hugs!

  2. I feel so bad for you guys. I really hope this is the end of it!

  3. I cannot even imagine what this was like, I am terrified of puke, (I know, I need to get over this fear asap, ha!)I admire your strength girlfriend, you SURVIVED. I think your family has had their share of sickness for the year, so you should be good now. Fingers crossed!

  4. I would most definitely lose my mind. That is my worst nightmare!! May that never happen again!!

  5. I would most definitely lose my mind. That is my worst nightmare!! May that never happen again!!

  6. I'm hoping you're all on the mend! I sure hope so :)