Thursday, June 14, 2012

DC Disaster

I told you all about our lovely trip to the beach. Upon leaving the beach, we headed down to Washington DC to do some sight seeing for 2 days. Disaster is one word that sums up that part of the trip.

It all started when we were packing the SUVs back up on Friday morning. There was a glass bottle of captain on the table in a bag. Mr I get into everything (aka Logan) grabbed the bottle out of the bag. And dropped it at his feet. Shattering it. Thank goodness it did not hit his feet and he never even got a cut from it. However, he did spill an entire bottle that I had only had 2 drinks from. That makes me sad. Very very sad.
We continued on and checked out of the beach house and headed down to our hotel. We stayed at a Hilton and had 2 king size suites. Complete with kitchenettes. They were lovely. Comfy. Clean. Wonderful. So wonderful, in fact, that we decided to stay in on Friday. No sight seeing. Just ordered in food, swam in the pool and relaxed! It was wonderful.
On Saturday, we got up and ate our continental breakfast and packed the car. We headed out to see the sights. We realized once we were in the heart of DC that there was a girl scout event going on and there were thousands upon thousands of girls. Everywhere. No where to park. No way to get out of our car. So we just drove around to see the sights.
Our only good picture from DC

We were on our way to see The White House. Logan was chugging a flavored water. He started gagging and throwing up. Multiple times. We were completely stuck in traffic with no where to pull off. It took us almost an hour before being able to get out of traffic and find a gas station to clean him up at. We threw away his clothes. Had to pack his car seat cover in a garbage bag so it could be cleaned. I felt so sick from the whole experience. My poor brother (who has no kids and has never dealt with anyone sick before) was in the back with him. I am very proud of my brother, he kept his cool and did not get sick.
After getting everything cleaned up, we got back in the car and decided to head home. It was a long drive because we were all tired and kind of sick of being around everyone else. It was a not so great way to end our vacation. But we laugh about it already!

Has anyone else have had an experience like this one? Add a link below to share your story.


  1. Hehehe your brother will probably never have kids now lol
    Too funny!
    Sorry to read it wasn't such a great ending to your vacation, but at least you can laugh about it ;)

  2. What an end to vacation. I agree with Kerry- he probably is going to ban kids now,lol. Glad you had a great time!!

  3. DC is much fun to explore - I hope you can make it back and have a good time! I totally feel for your brother!! Ack!!!

  4. One word for your brother...ROCKSTAR! I don't know if I coulda done that I am a mom. Glad the beach part was fun and no one was SICK!!!