Saturday, June 16, 2012

Saturday Top Five Laughs

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Hard to believe that another week has gone by. Time really flies when you constantly busy!

5. Logan has decided that all girls have "gah-eye-nah pee-niss'" (I seriously have no idea where he gets this stuff from)

4. The kids new music obsession is One Direction. Dom plays their music all the time. Logan asks to watch them on You Tube 24/7. When I put it on, he sings the song. Adorable. Charlie, no matter what she is doing, drops everything and starts dancing. If she is standing, she sways her hips and head from side to side. If she is holing onto something, she puts one hand up the air to raise the roof. If she is on the floor, she gets on her knees and bounces around the room.

3. Charlie is using forks and spoons like a champ. If I forget to give her one, she looks at the drawer and points. Screeches. And scream-grunts at me to get it.

2. Charlie is in full pretend mode already. She puts the remotes or any phone up to her ear and says "hah" (which is her hi!)

1. When Logan wakes up in the morning, he runs to Charlie and hugs her. "Hi baby girl, I lub you!" And when we get home from somewhere, he greets Libby very similar. "Hi baby girl, we home. It's allyite baby girl."


  1. Charlie is growing up too fast! Love little Logan-he is a riot!

  2. Logan has the cutest language ever! Isn't Charlie and Zane age the most fun age! Zane does the same with the remote- I just laugh! #1 is just so sweet! You have the cutest kids ever!

  3. I totally understand the screeching/scream-grunt. And the dancing cracks me up!