Friday, July 5, 2013

Potty Training Bear

In January, Charlie decided it was time to start potty training. We were in no hurry to have her trained. She is our last baby. I wanted to hold onto it for just a bit longer since 20 months is still a baby!

Since then, she has been in undies at home. She would still have an accident on occasion but she went on her potty chair almost every day! However, Ms Stubborn wanted nothing to do with going anywhere other than here. She refused to sit on the potty at daycare and at relatives/friend's houses. So we just went with the flow and had her in pull ups.

Then in late June, she said "No fank you pull ups. I want undies." (when we tried to change her into a pull up for nap) And so it began.... Charlie finished potty training herself!

She wore undies at nap time for 4 days straight. She did not fuss when we put her in a pull up to go out of the house or at bedtime. Then she started to not want to wear them when we were out. So we tried it on a Saturday while we were out and about and attending a birthday party. She stayed dry! It was AWESOME!!  Then we left for vacation and I just knew we would come home with a fully trained little girl. And guess what? I was RIGHT!

We drove in the care for 8 hours, threw the night. Charlie woke up and went on the potty at every rest station we went to. She was dry the whole time. She wore her bathing suit for the rest of the day at the beach and stayed dry there too. When she woke up the next morning, her pull up was dry over night. We decided to take her out in undies the next day while we were on the boardwalk. Again, she stayed dry. And she only had one accident as she couldn't get to her potty chair quick enough.

While in traffic and she had to go, she held it. She held it every single night. We are in awe at how easy she did it. It was light a switch that she turned in her own head. BAM trained. (She has only had one morning with a wet pull up in 1.5 weeks)

We are so proud of her. This girl knows what she wants, when she wants it. It was her time to train and we went with it. She is growing up so fast and nothing is holding her back. I get teary eyes just thinking about how much she has changed in the last few months. Our last baby is no longer a baby at all. *sob*


  1. Another milestone reached. Don't worry Mama, there are many more to come.