Saturday, July 6, 2013

Saturday Top Five Laughs

Another week has flown by, I cannot believe that it is already July!

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5. When Charlie does not want to hear what you have to say, she tells you "Shush you mouf!"

4. Logan lasted about 3 minutes into the fireworks before falling asleep. 

3. It was raining right before the fireworks and Logan complained he was cold, Charlie gave him her beloved blanket to make him better. 

2. Logan was jumping on the couch and did a back flip. Falling off and hitting the chair that had my lap top on it. he now has a line bruise across his back. "That not apost to happen!" he said. 

1. Dominic was tickling Logan and telling him to say things to make him stop. D- Say you love me. L- I love you. D- Say you are awesome. L- I'm awesome! 


  1. How sweet :) I love the last one the most I think!

  2. I love little kids when they are just learning to speak and muck up some of the words - so adorable (so I like #5 and #2 best :)

  3. I love the sayings of little kids. I can't believe Logan was able to sleep thru the fireworks. You have adorable kids!

  4. Shouf you mouth! So cute that one! Zane fell asleep too- so funny! Haha- #1 is awesome!