Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Catch Up - Life Happenings and Feelings

Life is all about playing catch up! Am I right? We go away for the weekend and then we come home to the chores/laundry left behind. We play outside after dinner and then have to catch up on dishes after the kids go to bed. To me, it feels like when I spend some time doing awesome things that I get smacked in the face with reality and what I did not do later. Woo boy, I dislike that part. BIG time.
Blogging feels like playing catch up to me a lot lately too because we are so involved in home remodeling projects, school finals for Dom and the TERRIBLE threes for Charlie. Time is so precious around here that I take shorter showers just to try to fit everything in.

Life Happenings:

-Logan has been so awesome lately. Him at age 4 is the best! Just the other day he said "You cannot call that guy Godzilla. It is not nice to say God like that!"
-"Charlie you are so cute with chubby bubby cheeks!"
-Last night at Dom's chorus concert, Logan stood in the isle and was dancing. He then threw his hands up, wiped them back through his hair, put his arms out in a surfer position and exclaimed "I could totally skate board down this isle."

-Dom is almost done with 6th grade and he will be moving into the middle school. When I went to school (in the same district), I was already in middle school in 6th grade but they have updated and added so many new schools. So, this is his last year as an elementary school-er. I have feelings about this. Tummy ache-y, sad and yet excited feelings. He is growing up. WAY too fast.
-Dom has decided to continue on with playing the cello. He was debating after finding out that his teacher was retiring. I had the same teacher, as did my husband, when we went to school. He is awesome and happens to live very hear us. He told Dom that he is one of his best cello students EVER! I think that had a lot to do with him following through with continuing.
-Dominic scheduled his classes for middle school. He will have no study halls because he has decided to do all classes and orchestra.

-The three's have been not so nice to us so far. Charlie is always on a rampage. She can go from sweet as candy to a vicious mean machine. Can little girls get PMS? If so, send all the midol! Please and Thanks.
-Charlie is starting to want to pick out her own clothes. Some days she picks out some pretty interesting outfits. And then tries to tell me she wants pants under every single dress. She has also gone through a phase of not wanting matching socks or shoes. (ever since National Down Syndrome Awareness Day) She knows what she wants and she is definitely not afraid to tell you.

-This weekend we are replacing our roof. We are replacing it with a golden color shingle instead of the reddish/brown that is already there.
-I am also painting our front door red this weekend.
-We are knocking down our front porch this weekend too. Eventually we replace it with a white pergola. Then we will reseal the concrete with a sage green concrete seal and get new furniture/flower pots/decorations.
-The back porch will also get resealed with the same color concrete sealer. The black metal banister and railings will then be replaced with white composite ones.
-Our house is yellow brick but we have some brown siding in the front, that will be painted sage green. The concrete block under the brick will also be painted sage green (the porch sealer will match the paint so it will unify the whole thing).
-After all of that is done (it will take until the end of next spring to complete it all), we can plant new shrubs and bushes and trees. We are trying to cut down a bunch of our trees too because they are all over grown and dying. And our insurance says to! Ha.

-I have been having a lot of overwhelming feelings lately. We have so much going on. Not even just with our house. Family stuff. Other stuff. This stuff. That stuff. So.Much.Stuff.
-Gary has been working at least 50+ hours a week. I always work 40 hours a week and sometimes work up to 50 hours if they need us to put in over time. So our family is busy and our nights are nuts and our kids are late to bed kids because they just do not fall asleep before 9 most nights.
-I dislike when people expect things from others yet are not willing to give back. I am seeing it more and more. I am not much of a conflict person, so I tend not to say things too much.
-I get angry when people are not truthful about things.
-I do not understand why people think that they are they most important people on the planet. This can be seen when someone drives crazy and not using their turn signal. That is dangerous to others around you, aka, appearing that your life is more important than other. Or even when people say something completely rude and unfiltered, not thinking about the others persons feelings at all. Pushing yourself into another parents parenting either directly or indirectly is also wrong (unless they are actually hurting their child or abusing them)
-I have not had any real time to myself to do something that I want to do in a long time. So next Friday when I am off work, the kids are going to school and daycare and I am taking a day to myself. I can honestly say that I have not had an entire day to myself in years. I think it was before kids. I have had a day here or there with Gary for a date or our honeymoon. But a day to myself. Nope, has not happened. *throw confetti*
-Mine and Gary's 6th wedding anniversary is coming up in 2 weeks. It is a Saturday but who knows what we will do. After my Mom and Sister and cousin are watching our kids this weekend, I might be out of baby sitting tickets! 


  1. Life has a way of taking over everything, huh? I'm sorry you're dealing with so much crap right now. Can't wait to share part of your day to yourself with you next week!!!
    1. Logan is an awesome kid! 4 is an awesome age with him!
    2. Dom is growing up entirely too quickly.
    3. Threes suck. Especially with sassy girls.

  2. Ok send the midol made me LOL!

  3. Life has been totally crazy lately! Thank God for true friends there through thick and thin! xoxox

  4. 3's do suck! I am totally with you on the vicious machine ride. Little Miss B can be so mean to her brothers! Of course having a new baby in the house doesn't help much... Happy anniversary! I hope you two find a baby sitter and get out for the weekend. :0)

  5. I hope that all the situations with these "people" you have had to deal with lately are improving! You deserve better!! Yes, 3 is awful and I am not even halfway through it. I hope I have an awesome 4 year old, take notes from Logan, Miss Victoria. Haha.

  6. Roof with golden shingles? Sounds interesting! The your house would look stunning once the sun shines over your golden roof. It seems you had a lot of home improvements going on back then. How did it all go? I hope everything went according to your plan.

    Mathew Robinson @ Browns Roofing Company LLC