Monday, August 25, 2014

Pool Parties

This summer we started up our swim parties again! Our good friend, Amber, invites us to dinner and swimming one night a week at her Moms house. It has been one of my favorite memories from 2 summers ago and is from this summer too. Charlie was just a over a year old when we started and loved splashing. Logan was 2.5 and also loved the pool. Dominic has loved swimming since he was their age as well.

This year Audrey also got a new trampoline, it sits right beside the pool. The kids have fun going from the pool to the trampoline and back to the pool.

Our kids love spending time with their friends. They pretty much ask daily what we are doing and if they get to see their friends. It is adorable how much they love them.

The babies get in on the action in the pool too. Dom loves holding Liam and swimming around. Violet always looks adorable when she gets to the pool! She is such a pretty girl.

I am going to miss our swimming fun nights now that school starts in 2 days and summer has come to an end. I hope we continue this fun tradition next year!

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  1. Pool parties are fun (except when your toddler tries to swim without a puddle jumper)! I love that sweet pic of Violet. Look at you Miss Photog!